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About Us

One afternoon in the year 2000, I was walking from my house at Saika Estate and I wondered into Mwengenye slums. I sat at the banks of a river and observed the area and how people lived. The condition and the lifestyle of the people was of poverty. People lived with their sheep, goats and cows in the same houses! I was surprised for I had not come across such poverty.

My heart reached out to these people and I could not stop thinking about them.

In 2001, I joined the Pan African Christian College which today is Pan Africa Christian University. I graduated in July 2004 from the Bible School. At this time I was serving under Rev Robert Ndiba of DC Kayole.


How and when the church was started

The church was planted at Saika on 18th January 2004 and ever since, we have been holding our services at this


One of the major challenges we have faced is the constant migration of people from Saika to other parts of the city. The major reason for this migration is where people have purchased land or developed residential houses away from this area. The other reason is people who have gotten employed and posted at other different parts of the country.


To establish a healthy community of believers who are grounded and who are WELL EQUIPPED to engage in the GREAT COMMISSION.

A people transformed by Jesus Christ to transform communities and Nations for Christ Jesus in Partnership with the Holy Spirit for the Glory of God the Father.

To be a living expression and manifestation of the whole measure of the fullness of Christ in Whittier and the world (Ephesians 4:13).

  • Integrity,
  • Accountability,
  • Authentic mentorship,
  • Faithful discipleship,
  • Healthy Christian families,
  • Leadership development
  • Excellence in ministry