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Do not Lose hope

Do not Lose hope

There are times you are faced with challenges in life that you feel like you want to give up, dont give up.

There are times you feel like ministry is not working, at some point, it must happen but always remember you are not alone, God is with you.

Many people have been in such situations, crying and mourning but things changed and they started laughing.

It reaches a moment you say God i surrender. When it comes, be brave, remember you are not alone, lean on God because He will not forsake you or leave you. Those who put their hope in God will never be put to shame because God is on their side.

Like many who have gone ahead of us, they had their ups and downs, we are walking in the same footsteps. They dint give up, those who surrendered went at a lose, they died spiritually, emotionally and also physically.

It is dangerous to lose hope or to give. Christians have more reason never to lose hope because God will never leave us nor forsake us.

Psalms 25;1-7

God will never allow us to be ashamed and therefore we will not lose hope. There is somewhere where our confidence lies.

2 Cor 4:7

We have treasures that can only be preserved by god Himself. Everything we do is preserved by God Himself. Though we are pressed but we cant break because it is the power of God preserving us. We cannot dispair. people will talk all sorts of things at you but God will never abdandon you.Inspite of your conditions, do not give up, God will never leave you alone. He is on your side, It doesnt matter what you are facing, our God will never leave you at the mercies of your enemies to destroy you or to put you to shame. God will stand with you

We have no reason to give up but to hold up. There are things we pray for years but the delay, its only God knows. He knows the time to release it.

Jesus is aware of us because He lives in us and He will not leave us at the mercies of our enemies, He will fight for us, He is there for us.

Never expect to live a different life from other Saints. Paul went through challenges that you will be ashamed to think that you can share heaven with Paul. He is actually the one encouraging us never to lose hope so dont quit. All brethren all over are going through the same pain, some painful than yours, more dishearting things than yours that if you heard their stories you will fall down and thank God that your situation is not worse.

Somebody said, man's extremity is God's opportunity. When you feel you have reached the point of quiting, thats when God begins. Hand it over to God, Hes the only who knows. When even it gets to the point that you say enough is enough, never give up. In that hopeless situation, God will never abandon you.

Luke 1;5-

Elizabeth and Zachariah were holy people but did not have children. Theyw ere past age of child bearing. They might have asked themeselves what is it that we have not done right, what have we done. However despite their hopeless situation, they continued to serve the Lord and remained faithful, they dint lose hope infact they served God with all their lives. Zechariah's prayer was answered and they got a special child.

When the delay comes, God has something special for you. If God is responsible for your delay, He always releases something special. Abraham's son changed history of the world. Rebecca gave birth to two nations which the Lord now works with (Israel). The history of humanity revolves around the nation of Israel. Hannah, the mother os Samuel never gave up. She held God responsible, sacrificed . What sacrifice are you giving to the Lord because of the delay? When Samuel came, he was special. He is the only man in history of Israel that served three offices, a ruler, a judge and a prophet. He became the first to annoint the King of Israel. In your delay, you may be carrying something special, it may be long for you but not long for God. It may be delayed but not denied. When God does it, it is perfect. At the appointed time, God visits

There is no other help excepts from the Lord, He will never ashame you if you remain faithful.

As we go through lives, our troubles should never destroy us, kill our motivation to serve God, afflictions should never kill our faith in serving God, our morale for serving God.

Jesus said in this world there will be many troubles but dont lose heart because Jesus has overcome.

In our suffering, there is always a purpose. Your need is waiting for God's timing. You are missing nothing as long as it is not God's timing. When that time comes, it is over. Your suffering has a purpose.

Never think that God never sees your need. He will surely fulfil it. When the miracle arrives, it will be like no other. It will be a miracle that changes the thinking of people around you. As long as you are faithful to God, there is always a purpose. As you continue trusting God, never give up on serving, it is the plan of God for you to be glorified.

Human limitations and trials are always beneficial to believers:.

1. They help us remember Christ's suffering for us. It was so painful for Christ that at some point He cried to the Father to remove the cup of suffering.

2. They also help us remain humble (If God did everything we ask for, we would even walk on other people's heads) Some of these things humble us, they make us keep looking to God.

3. They also help us look beyond this life. Man's life is very short . When you go through situations, it makes you sober up on your life now and life to come.

4. They prove our faith in the Lord to others. As you beleieve God for the solution to your situation and God performs it, people will say you have faith in the Lord. It is only hope and faith that makes you keep holding on. You can lose your job, business, money but never lose hope. For God has never forsaken you.

5. They give God the opportunity to demsontrate His power.

Dont recent problems, dont hate God because of problems, never be bitter. Difficulties are never enjoyable but keep your faith in the Lord because that is what will lift you up, lift you to another level, give you new status because you give God the opportunity to reveal who He is through you. See problems as opportunities to fuflfil God's purpose in your life and for your life. Give God a chance to show His mighty power through you to the world. As opportuities to prove your faith in Him